Romantic Punting Tour

Our romantic tours are private tours intended for a couple. We recommend booking after 5pm when the river is less busy and more peaceful.


£100 on weekdays (discounts for early or late tours)

£100 on weekends (discounts for early or late tours)

Violin Solo +£25

Roses and hand made chocolates +£25

Half Bottle of Champagne and glasses +£20


Romantic tours run from 10am-8pm 7 days a week, however, most people opt to depart between 6-8pm due to the extra privacy. For an extra £25 you can hire our violinist who will play on our bridge. The violinist will remain hidden as you leave on your tour, as your boat returns and approaches the bridge they will appear and romantic music will fill the air and surrounded by the beautiful scenery, on a peaceful warm evening this can be the perfect marriage proposal spot. Let us know if you have any other suggestions that we can accommodate to make your proposal perfect!

With only two of you in the boat, you have plenty of room to bring a picnic and champagne, lie back stretch your legs and relax under one of our blankets, we also provide hot water bottles if its a little chilly.

With our private tours you also benefit from the freedom to have your commentary tailored to your personal tastes or the theme of your evening. For example, on a romantic tour, you might wish to hear only local love stories, or request that your chauffeur let you do the talking.

We’re also famed for our excellent haunted tours, which are available throughout the year but better appreciated in the eerie light of the autumn.

How to Book

The romantic tour is mostly out of normal hours, it also often requires some pre-planning from us. For that reason it isn't available through our automated booking service. If you just want a private tour, with the option of a bottle of wine, during normal working hours, then try booking our private tour which has a fully automated booking system.

To book this tour email and let us know your preferred date and time. We will then send you a Paypal invoice for your fee. Once this is paid your booking is secured. Alternatively, give us a call 01227464797.

We hope you enjoy your romantic punting tour.