Why Evenings are the best time to go Punting!

The vast majority of us book punting between 1-4 pm because its fits nicely around meals and traveling times. The best time, however is just before sunset!

The sunlight is at its most beautiful just before it goes down. It’s the end of the day, so you can treat yourself to a chilled glass of wine. Whilst punting during the day is busy, punting in the evening is much more laid back and you should expect less boats on the river.

Punting should be a luxury, so why rush it? Save the experience as a crescendo to be enjoyed at the end of your trip.

Check out the Photo's of Barbie and Ken enjoying an evening punting jaunt.

Evening light on the river
Evening punting at Weavers
Sunset under Eastbridge
Sun in the evening
Big river at sunset
Evening punting image