Each tour runs through the heart of the historic city centre along the hidden river Stour. A normal tour duration is 45 minutes.

scroll down for some photos!

Tour map with six points of interest marked

You will take a route not accessible by foot and your chauffeur will give you a historic commentary. Locations include:

1. Poor Priests Hospital

2. Greyfriars Chapel

3. Eastbridge Hospital

4. 50 Yard Tunnel

5. Old Weavers House

6. Blackfriars Dominican Priory

Alternatively, you can take a tour out of town into the countryside.

Enjoy the views of the Cathedral from one of our comfortable Punts, designed for your comfort!

The old weavers! A building you can't miss from the river or the street! remember, if you come punting with us today you do get a discount at this lovely restaurant - the only restaurant which overlooks the river from outside seating!